Our Vision

is integral human development achieved through an affordable
education system that appreciates Christian and traditional values,

and that prepares literate, skilled and healthy citizens by concentrating on the growth
and development of each individual’s personal viability and character
formation, while ensuring all can contribute to the peace and prosperity of
the nation.


Morobe is the largest province in the country with 9 districts and 33 LLG’s. A land with diverse cultures butall united with the “Pasin Morobe” way.
The challenge of delivering education has not been stress-free but as we move on and advance into a new era of change, it is our desire that you take part and be educated through this website where we can share information together.
This is an innovative medium of communication. Come join us and let’s share the vision 2050 and follow the path of education to build a smart, healthy, wealthy and wise society

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