Fode Education

A system of flexible, open and distance education that provides alternative opportunities for the people of Morobe to gain further appropriate, and affordable education.

Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) formally known as College of Distance Education (CODE) provides an affordable, flexible, open and distance education to everyone eligible, living in Morobe Province to continue their formal education.


Opening of fode center


Fode tutorials


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FODE provides an alternative way for students who are unable to gain a place in the formal or the conventional system. Besides the Morobe Provincial FODE Center there are also 3 Registered Study Centers (RSC) in Lae and 4 Correspondence Study Centers (CSC) in the Districts Ideally, to increase access throughout the Morobe Province there is a need for permanent establishment of District FODE Coordinators inorder to sustain the administration and the operations of the Study Centres. Currently, more than 3000 primary school children in Morobe Province do not continue their formal education each year because there are only 1280 spaces available in high and secondary schools. Out of 1415 students enrolled in 2006 there are only 349 students from grades 7 to 10 are able to continue their formal education. More than 50% of these students are post primary graduates. The major concern is the large number of enrolled students not continuing their education because of problems such as, long distance from the Provincial Center, expensive travel, communication, non availability of materials, and slow turn around of books from markers.

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